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Joliet Motorsports is located in Wilmington IL, just west of I-55!

Our address is 27950 Kelly Rd, Wilmington IL, 60481



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Practice is weather permitting, please check the rider hotline or our facebook page BEFORE heading out to the track on days when weather is questionable
2017 Race Schedule
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Dont forgot our track is available for rent! Perfect for birthday parties, and private lessons! Click here for more information!
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SX Race
MX Race
Special Events
KTM of Countryside
We offer quad racing on MX dates only (see calendar below)
8-13 = MX Bonus Points
8-19 = SX Bonus Points
11-12 = Rider Appreciation Day










April 7 (Friday) SX
April 15 (Sat) SX

May 20(Sat) SX - Pit Bike Tandem Relay Race
May 28 (Sun) MX

June 3 (Sat) SX
June 17 (Sat) SX - Mini & Pit Bike Challenge with Tandem Relay Race 

July 15 (Sat) SX -Pit Bike Tandem Relay Race
July 21(Friday) SX
July 29 (Sat) SX - Mid-Season Arsenal Double Points

August 11 (Friday) SX
August 13 (Sun) MX - Bonus Race
August 19 (Sat) SX - Bonus Race,  Vet & Vintage Open Challenge & Pit Bike Tandem Relay Race

Sept. 2 (Sat) SX
Sept. 16 (Sat) SX - Motocross Des Ages Relay Extravaganza

Oct. 1 (Sun) MX
Oct. 13 (Friday) SX - Pit Bike Tandem Relay
Oct. 28 (Sat) SX - Double Arsenal Points, Halloween Race w/ costume Contest

Nov. 12 - Rider Appreciation and Awards Events